Video captures the moment 9-foot alligator knocks trapper unconscious

Video captures the moment 9-foot alligator knocks trapper unconscious

Running into an alligator outside of the confines of a zoo or wildlife reserve is not something most of us would expect to ever happen to us, but for some parts of the country it's not out of the ordinary. However, when you see a nine-foot long alligator roaming around outside your home, you're still probably going to panic a little.

In a residential area near Orlando, Florida last month, some 'trappers' were called to the scene to capture one of these dangerous creatures. The Florida Fish and Wildlife officers, trapped and hog-tied the alligator, ready to take it away - when the gator decided enough was enough, and struck back.

One of the officers was hit, falling backwards, the headbutt knocking him out cold. According to NBC, he was unconscious for several seconds before he was revived.

The video was later uploaded to Instagram and Twitter, where it quickly went viral. You can watch the exact moment the officer was hit in the video below:

Another angle on the incident also revealed what was happening to the alligator to make it act this way.

You can see the trapper repeatedly tapping its head, which clearly agitated the animal.

Some believe that this is a necessary part of the process, as it disorientates the alligator to make it easier to remove from the area.

However, there are some who believe this isn't the case, and as you can see - this time all it did was anger the creature to lash out.

In one of the clips, you can hear a child say "I would never do this job when I grow up," before the incident happens.

I'm sure he hasn't changed his mind.