Horrified woman discovers two giant snakes 'fighting over a female' in her attic

Horrified woman discovers two giant snakes 'fighting over a female' in her attic

There's something about snakes which is just off-putting. Sorry to all you reptile-lovers who are the proud owners of a slinky danger noodle, but personally I think they're a bit creepy. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's the way they move, slithering and gliding across the floor; or maybe it's their cold, hard stare, and flicking tongue. Or it could be the fact that their sharp fangs could pierce the skin like a pair of daggers, and fill your veins with venom. Or perhaps it's the thought of being crushed within their loops of coiled, scaly muscle and slowly constricted to death.

Come to think of it, there are plenty of reasons to be scared of them. But for me, the big one is the fact that they can get absolutely anywhere. Seriously, they can get into every nook and cranny like that stretchy guy from The X-Files, and even wind their way into the confines of your own home. Just think of sleeping soundly in your bed, while a serpent crawls through a pipe or a crack in your wall, and makes its way into your house.

One unfortunate woman learned this to her displeasure this week, after venturing into her attic, only to discover two gigantic pythons wrestling each other over a female. Terrified, she grabbed her phone and started filming the scrapping reptiles. Since pythons are a particularly deadly species, the woman in question was forced to call a snake catcher, who promptly appeared in the video himself.

The pest control expert stated: "It's coming into breeding season, so these two males have obviously caught the scent of a female. Yeah, they're competing to see which of them's the worthy lover. It's all just wrestling each other, and pushing each other down."

The two snakes appear to be members of the carpet python species. The carpet python, also known as the diamondback, boasts a range of natural habitats, including Australia, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, and the northern Solomon Islands. The species is mostly nocturnal, and are adept at climbing trees and shrubs, and even at crossing open areas like forest floors, roads, and rock faces, which makes it easy for them to slither into someone's house. They are, however, a useful species, and devour pests such as rats, lizards or other vermin. However, they also make good pets and are relatively docile in their temperament.

Unfortunately for the two warring snakes, the catcher was unable to find the female that they had been wrestling over - meaning that all of their efforts to win her affection had been for nothing. Ah well, better luck next time lads. I suppose guys out there could learn a lesson here. Dudes, if two of you are competing for the attention of one woman, then maybe consider resolving your differences amicably, instead of knocking lumps out of each other - it never works!