Video shows snakes fighting in woman's bedroom and it's the stuff of nightmares

Video shows snakes fighting in woman's bedroom and it's the stuff of nightmares

There is one country on this planet that never fails to surprise when it comes to deadly creatures. Whenever you hear about some new form of horrifying insect, or a spider making its way up the wall with a mouse as its prey (yeah, that really happened)... you can bet it's probably going to be Australia.

Recently, one household in Brisbane were unfortunate enough to have some unwanted reptile visitors, after two snakes crashed through their ceiling. The two male snakes, wrapped in an intense wrestling contest, caused quite a mess in one room, prompting the home-owners to call a snake catcher in to sort out the chaotic scene.

Lana Field, the woman called in to sort them out, posted a live video to Facebook on Sunday night that showed two male coastal carpet pythons in combat, apparently over a female snake. According to Field, they were fighting in the air ducts when they fell through a ceiling vent.

"This pair have been a bit naughty," she casually remarked. "Left a bit of a mess."

"People often mistake this for mating, but it's combat," she added as she filmed the two pythons fighting. She explains that she's quite safe from them, both because she "knows what she's doing" and because they are"just more interested in each other".

Pythons fight when they can smell female snake pheromones nearby, prompting them to compete with any males in the area. Whoever proves themselves as the strongest gets the girl, more or less. Since these two were wrestling in the air ducts, it suggests that the female in question is living nearby.

I have no clue how the people living in this house will get to sleep after this...