Waffle House evacuates in panic after guard pulls a gun on a customer wearing a snake

Waffle House evacuates in panic after guard pulls a gun on a customer wearing a snake

On the pet owner scale of "responsible and attentive to "oh God, this guy is going to kill me", people who own snakes tend to lean somewhat toward the latter end of the spectrum. Sure, they easily could've decided to get a dog or a cat, but snake owners wanted a cold-blooded animal that could probably kill them if it wanted too, and that's okay.

That's fine.

One downside to owning a pet snake is that you can't take them anywhere without starting a fuss. Dog walking is great, cat walking is... a challenge, while snake walking seems like the kind of activity that would be the focus of a music video from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Pre 1994.

It just unsettles people, I guess, but if you're confident enough to walk around in public carrying a snake, then all the power to you, my friend. But as this (I'm sure very responsible) snake owner learned, people aren't always the most relaxed when you bring a snake into a Waffle House.

Amazingly, this story didn't take place somewhere in Florida. I am genuinely astounded at this fact. Instead, let's head to McComb in Mississippi, where a man was just trying to take his pet snake out for some dinner. After such a boring staple diet of mouse brains, why not go for something a little more... decadent?

So, that's how this video of a guy chilling in a Waffle House, snake around his neck like a scaly, writhing scarf, came to be.

But then, a guard confronted the man about the dangerous live animal he brought into a public place, taking his gun out of his holster. There was a lot of yelling and aggression, which I'm sure didn't help the situation, before the pet owner in question here decided not to take this confrontation lightly.

He decided to throw down, taking the snake off his neck, and wielding it like some kind of whip.

At this point, everybody (wisely) decides to get out of that Waffle House as quickly as possible, leading to a stampede of terrified people. But even if you're crazy enough to bring a snake to a Waffle House and try to fight a guy with said snake, you're probably not crazy enough to think that a snake could beat a gun in a fair fight.

So, the guards just about defeated Snake Man in a battle of wits, and eventually he was asked to leave the Waffle House, with nothing to show for it but a slightly more agitated snake. It's not clear at this point whether or not the man in this incident was charged with anything - assault with a deadly snake, for example - but what we do know is that justice eventually prevailed.

Well, snake owners of the world, there you have it. If you're thinking about taking your snake for some waffles, maybe you should probably try and make them at home instead.