Woman returns home to find 7ft python in her toilet

Woman returns home to find 7ft python in her toilet

There are few creatures more petrifying than snakes. No matter how small or unthreatening they are, there's something sinister about them. Luckily, for most people, snake sightings are pretty rare. Others, however, have the misfortune of living in close proximity to them.

One woman, in fact, found a python in the toilet in her own home in Chonburi, Thailand. Duangta Boonmee was utterly alarmed to find the seven-foot-long snake in her bathroom last Thursday (October 10).

Per Newsflare, she had gone to the bathroom to take a bath when she saw the snake coiled up on the floor beside the water bucket. Frightened, the snake made a beeline for the toilet which made it easier for Duangta to trap the animal before the rescue team arrived.

This is the moment rescue workers removed the snake from a toilet in a home in Thailand:

The 36-year-old factory worker decided to throw a blanket over the snake to prevent it from slithering away. She then called the emergency services so that they could remove the creature from her property. When rescue workers arrived, they very cautiously caught the python with a snake catching rod.

snake Credit: Pexels

Naturally, Duangta was relieved that she had spotted the snake before it managed to attack her. Fortunately, pythons are non-venomous - they kill their prey through constriction, essentially by squeezing the animal - generally not humans - to death.

The majority of pythons do not pose a threat to people. Some species, however, do grow to a large enough size that they are able to constrict and ultimately kill their owners. These include the reticulated and Burmese pythons and a few other species.

Some (brave) people keep pythons as pets - if you'd quite like a python for a pet, it's probably safest to get a ball python as they tend to be smaller, docile and easier to handle.