Woman who rescued pet kitten is stunned to learn it's not a house cat

Woman who rescued pet kitten is stunned to learn it's not a house cat

A woman was shocked to discover that the kitten she had rescued two months earlier was actually a wild animal, following a trip to the vet, Yahoo Entertainment reports.

Per Yahoo, Florencia Lobo from Argentina was in the northwest Argentinian province of Tucumán when she and her brother came across two kittens next to a deceased adult cat.

They initially believed the dead cat was an abandoned feline who had just given birth. One of the kittens, a male, survived, Lobo revealed, while the female unfortunately did not survive. She named the surviving male kitten Tito.

But when Lobo took the animal to the vet two months after rescuing him, she discovered he wasn't a regular house cat all.

The vet, however, could not identify the creature's species and gave Lobo the number of a local nature reserve known as Fundacion Argentina de Rescate Animal (FARA).

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Detailing the astounding case in a Facebook post, FARA explained that after receiving a call from Lobo, they went to examine the feline. It was then that they confirmed that Tito was, in fact, a jaguarundi - a species of wild cat, native to North and South America.

The team then took the cat to be treated by specialists with the hope of reintroducing it into its natural habitat.

FARA also explains in the post that the specialists discovered a non-serious tear in the skin on one of the cat's hind legs.

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"We want to thank the people who delivered the animal, and we want to send the message that these animals are not pets, they must be in the right place, even if it seems harmless and one can become fond of it, we should not have it in our homes," the post continues, before wishing the cat well.