You can now stay inside a giant wooden pig that fits 12 people

You can now stay inside a giant wooden pig that fits 12 people

The hot summer is the perfect time to be drinking cider. When the temperatures soar, lots of people abandon beer and wine, and go for a pint of the refreshing fruit-based drink instead. But you don't want to drink at any old place. No. You want to go and sip cider somewhere a little bit more interesting; somewhere with a little bit more character. Somewhere memorable. Somewhere... porcine perhaps?

If that's the case then your choice of bar can't get much more eccentric than this. Imagine drinking inside a giant wooden pig that can fit 12 punters inside its belly. Then stop imagining it, because you don't have to... it's real.

It seems as though the Bristol-based Orchard Pig cider company has gone the whole hog this summer, and is now offering its fans something to snout about: the chance to get a taste of the countryside by staying inside their pig-shaped bar.

In a recent statement made to British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror, brand manager Rhona Fyfe stated: "Everyone loves a taste of the countryside, but we know its not always easy to get to, and the old-school camping experience isn't always glamorous."

She added: "That's why we're turning glamping into glampig, bringing flavours of the farmlands to wherever you desire, complete with sleeping bags, facilities and of course plenty of Orchard Pig Pink cider to quench your thirst. We promise that you'll never experience anything like it - prepare for a night sleeping inside a giant pink wooden pig."

The gigantic swine is fully mobile and has already made its own tour of the UK. It's even fully-equipped with beds so people can sleep snug inside it if they so choose.

The giant pig's Airbnb advert states: "The piggy glamping pod is perfect for a camping trip for two, but can comfortably fit 12 inside - the portable pod will be brought to the location of your choice and equipped with all the camping essentials."

"Your stay will include full use of the piggy pod designed to have you sleeping like a pig in a blanket, fully weatherproofed facilities with sleeping bags, festoon lighting, cooking equipment and soft furnishings provided - far more inviting than your average tent."

If you're interested in this strange experience, then why not take a gander at the offer by clicking the following link? Oink oink!