Young bull collapses from exhaustion at bullfighting school

Young bull collapses from exhaustion at bullfighting school

Horrific footage has emerged of the moment a young bull collapsed from exhaustion in the middle of a training session at a French bullfighting school.

Taken by animal rights group One Voice, the distressing clip shows how the evidently shattered bull is unable to stay on its legs and keeps stumbling to the ground as students at the school watch on.

Take a look at the distressing footage here:

Afterwards, a group of men attempted to drag the animal back to its feet by roughly grabbing it by the horns.

According to One Voice  - who are campaigning for the closure of such schools - children as young as six are taught bullfighting. And towards the end of the year, the students can allegedly earn a "reward" where they end the life of a young bull in the arena in front of a crowd of spectators.

young bull Credit: One Voice/Vimeo

The animal rights group contend that the schools teach children that "torturing a living animal" is "acceptable and expected".

They continue: "Psychologists around the world are worried about the impact it can have on brain development and empathy of children, to receive these conflicting signals from adults around them: we must not hurt others and we must applaud those who kill the bulls in the arena … It is an education of sadism, and this has deleterious repercussions on their psyche."