Target is selling festive cat houses so your pet can celebrate Christmas too

Target is selling festive cat houses so your pet can celebrate Christmas too

Everyone says a pet is for life and not just for Christmas. But we think the festive season is the purr-fect time to treat your feline companion. 

Do you know a classy kitten that would (ski) jump at the Ski Chalet Cat Scratcher or a cool cat who would just love chilling out in the RV Cat Scratcher? Then you need to head to Target now.

Credit: Target

Target is well known for its array of holiday essentials, but this year it’s got gifts made for your moggy. 

“The Ski Chalet Cat Scratcher has all the charm of a cabin in the Alps, but it’s made with feline comfort in mind.” says the Target website. “Inside the secluded cabin, your cat can peek at the world through the window or stretch her claws on the built-in scratch pad.”

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What more could your fur baby want!? Plus, having small spaces to relax could be good for their mental health. “Cats do like to decompress [and] have some alone time but what I always encourage is [to] offer them several choices,” says Mikel Delgado, a certified cat behavior consultant.” 

Credit: Target

The festive cat scratchers will be available in Target stores by 3 November. However, both are available online now, so you can get them shipped to your house well before Christmas. And all of this can be yours for under twenty dollars! The ski chalet is $16.99 and the RV is $14.99

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If your kitty becomes accustomed to having its own crib, why not push the boat out in the new year and get them the Hallett Insulated Cat Condo!? This pussy palace looks like a miniature house! Insulation keeps this condo cozy, while a lift-top roof gives you the option of letting the sun in. 

So don’t forget your pet when you're Christmas shopping this year. You’ll be "Owner of the Year" and your tabby will be the talk of the town. However, when it comes down to it, as all cat owners will know, your pet will probably prefer the box it comes in.