'Unicorn' rabbit with ear growing in the middle of its head is looking for a new home

'Unicorn' rabbit with ear growing in the middle of its head is looking for a new home

The world is in the grip of a unicorn obsession. Everything from ice creams to iPhone cases has been getting a glittery, multi-colored makeover, all in the name of looking as magical as possible. Apparently, this fad has now spread to the natural world.

In recent weeks, all sorts of creatures have been cropping up with bizarre unicorn-like features. Already, we’ve seen the saga of Narwhal - a beagle puppy with a tail growing out of his forehead - make headlines around the world.

Check out this adorable footage of Narwhal playing:

Now, not content to let baby dogs have all the attention to themselves, it looks like rabbits have found themselves a candidate for "cutest unicorn creature".

In news set to warm the heart of anyone with a soft spot for the underdog, a rabbit with an ear growing out of the middle of its head is on the hunt for a new home. Wonky, who recently has been calling the Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire branch of the RSPCA home, is a four-year-old white bunny who looks more like a tiny rhinoceros than something you’d pull out of a hat - which obviously only makes him more adorable. 

In a post on Facebook and the RSPCA website, the charity wrote:

“Wonky is a wonderful white lop eared rabbit. He’s got the most adorable wonky ear which flops right over his face when he greets you and at other times sticks right up in the air from the centre of his head which makes him look like a unicorn!!”

“He has beautiful big blue eyes and is a larger rabbit (over 3kg). He loves attention and will happily sit with you while you fuss him. Wonky is four years old and will need a large, secure housing set up or an indoor home where he can stretch out.”

Unfortunately, Wonky is not the only bunny on the hunt for a new home. Also listed on the site are compatriots Billy, Cookie, and Shadow, all of whom are waiting for new owners. Here’s hoping that they won’t have long to wait.