Adorable moment baby elephant takes its first Bambi-like steps

Adorable moment baby elephant takes its first Bambi-like steps

There's no doubt that a child's first steps are one of the biggest milestones in the life of a parent, and it's usually greeted with a big fanfare. Indeed, it takes human babies a long time to first walk when homo sapiens are compared to other creatures in the animal kingdom, many of who can walk upright mere moments after their own birth.

If you want proof of this then look no further than the following footage, which has gone viral on social media, which shows an utterly adorable baby elephant taking its first steps after emerging from its mother's womb.

Take a look at the adorable footage of the baby elephant here: 

The video shows the little baby elephant twisting its trunk and moving his tail while struggling to balance on his shaky legs. He hesitates just before taking his first step, and promptly trips over and falls to the ground while his mother walks on ahead.

Per British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, the footage was filmed by wildlife photographer Caroline Deschuymere. Deschuymere, who hails from Belgium, spotted the tiny elephant taking its Bambi-like first steps while she was out exploring the Mwinilunga Safari park in Mana Pools in Zimbabwe.

Deschuymere usually filmed the wild African dogs that prowled the plains, since they were typically more visible and numerous at that time of the morning. However, elephant herds would usually come quite close to her safari camp to eat and drink during that time of day.

An image of a baby elephant and its mother. Credit: Pexels

All of a sudden Deschuymere heard a disturbance and whipped out her camera. In the distance, she saw that a large female had just squatted, and an elephant calf had dropped out of her. Deschuymere filmed the baby's first stumbling steps, and later uploaded the amazing footage to social media.