Baby Koala gets mini cast to heal broken arm after falling from logging plantation tree

Baby Koala gets mini cast to heal broken arm after falling from logging plantation tree

You know, accidents and falls aren't just suffered by humans. In the animal kingdom, wild creatures are just as likely to perish due to bad luck, as well as from being preyed upon by predators.

If you want proof of this, then look no further than the following image which, while adorable, shows exactly what can happen to a defenceless animal through misfortune.

This week, an image of a tiny baby Joey koala bear ended up going viral. It sees the animal wearing a teeny tiny cast to repair her broken arm after she fell from a tree.

The pint-sized bear allegedly toppled out of a tree at a logging plantation in Victoria, Australia. Sadly, the baby's mother sustained terrible injuries and had to be put to sleep. But the Joey miraculously survived the long fall, and was taken to the Weribee Open Range Zoo last month.

The infant bear was only around 150 days old and weighed a mere half kilogram. The vets managed to nurse the creature back to health by feeding her a marsupial milk replacement through a syringe. Now, it seems as though her damaged arm is healing nicely.

Commenting on the unfortunate bear's accident in an interview with the Geelong Advertiser, veterinary nurse Jess Rice stated: "It was really touch-and-go when she was brought to us. She was just at the stage where she would have been starting to poke her head out of mum’s pouch. Joeys that size don’t have a good survival rate in care."

Check out this video showing the importance of saving the Koala bear:

She added: "Bonding and company is really important to a joey of that age. Koala Joeys are often given toys to provide comfort and teach them how to hang off the fur, like they would with their mother."