Bahamas woman shelters 97 dogs in her home during Hurricane Dorian

Bahamas woman shelters 97 dogs in her home during Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian looks set to devastate swathes of the Carribean, a woman who lives in the Bahamas has taken almost 100 abandoned or lost dogs into her home to keep them safe.

Chella Philips, who runs the animal shelter The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, has taken in a whopping 97 dogs as the storm looks set to batter the islands. Chella, who was concerned for the welfare of the strays, is keeping the homeless pooches with her until the weather settles again, and is urging the public to help her find the dogs a place to live in the aftermath of Dorian. 

In an emotional Facebook post, Chella uploaded a number of pictures of the many strays. She captioned these pictures: "97 dogs are inside my house and 79 of them are inside my master bedroom. It has been insane since last night, poop and p*ss non-stop, but at least they are respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in."

She continued: "We have barricaded the refuge, and nobody is outside, the music is playing in all directions of the house and the AC is blowing for them. I managed to bring some less fortunate ones and I really appreciate some of you donating for crates. I really needed it for the scared ones and the sick ones. So, Thank you! [sic]"

In a later update, she wrote: "For all the ones asking.. yes.. everyone here gets along and welcome the newcomers with tail wags cause they know they are their brothers and sisters in suffering on the streets. [sic]"

She added: They are not like the selfish humans that mistreated and abused them or simply passed them by and let them to die on the streets. Each of my babies deserve to have loving homes, so please, I am begging for rescues to help them!! My heart is breaking that I left so many on the streets cause I had no more room to bring them. [sic]"

If you'd like to make a donation to help these poor canines find a place to live, then please consider visiting the official Facebook page of Voiceless Dogs of Nassu.