Brodie the wonky-faced dog has finally found his forever home

Brodie the wonky-faced dog has finally found his forever home

Brodie, a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, was attacked by his mother when he was just 13 days old, leaving him with serious cranial and facial deformities. He was reportedly left partially blind as a result of the incident.

But Brodie's new owners couldn't care less about his 'wonky' appearance, they fell in love with the brave pup the moment they laid eyes on him.

Brodie isn't the only unique-looking dog to go viral of late. Recently, a puppy named Narwhal went viral after it was discovered that he had an extra 'tail' growing on his head:

Per the New York Post, Brodie's new owners are Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames. They visited the pup at Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada and took him home with them the very same day.

The Post further reports that Brodie sustained his injuries when his mother bit his head as a young puppy. As a result, his jaw fused together as he continued to grow, development one one side of his face was stunted, and he was left partially blind in one eye.

Brodie's new owners recently took to the pooch's popular Instagram page to share an image of what he look like as a youngster. They wrote;

"A lot of you guys asked what Brodie looked liked as a here you go! ☺️ Thanks to his old family for getting in touch and showing us just how sweet of a baby he was!"

Brodie thought he had found his forever home once before, after the adoption shelter he was raised in received hundreds of requests, but the previous owner reportedly couldn't keep up with his boundless energy.

Now though, his new owners are struck by his intelligence, saying he can learn new tricks within ten minutes, and he's such a good boy that they have hopes of training him to be a therapy dog one day.

Brodie has finally found his forever home, and that's the most important thing of all.