Dog beaten and shot by gang of children melts the hearts of TV viewers

Dog beaten and shot by gang of children melts the hearts of TV viewers

I firmly believe that dogs are the most beautiful and wonderful creatures on the planet, and I struggle to comprehend just how anyone could ever be cruel to "man's best friend".

However, instances of neglect and abuse still occur, and UK viewers of magazine show This Morning were left in tears after learning the story of Millie - a dog that had somehow survived after being beaten and shot by a gang of children.

Viewers heard how Millie was left severely deformed when she was attacked at just a few months old in Russia. Her face was "bashed in" by her attackers, and after realizing they had gone "too far", they attempted to euthanize her by shooting her in the face.

Check out Millie on the show in the video below (WARNING: Some reader may find the video upsetting):

But Millie survived, and was eventually rescued by her founder Kasey Carlin.

This Morning's resident vet, Dr. Scott, sat on the sofa alongside Kasey to discuss Millie "The Miracle Dog" with presenters Eamonn Holmes and Rochelle Humes. Scott explained:

"Her face was bashed in and then when they thought they’d gone too far they tried to euthanize her by shooting her and, unfortunately, it didn’t work. Even with the catastrophic injuries she has suffered she still has slug pellets in her head now.

"But what you can see is clearly a dog who wanted to live and wanted to survive."

Despite her horrific injuries, both Dr. Scott and Kasey ensured host Eamon Holmes that Millie is a happy and affectionate dog that enjoys a good quality of life.

And viewers were totally in love with Millie,

Twitter user Amy Lauren Hepworth wrote: "Oh Millie you beautiful girl. This level of cruelty is awful and I [can't] believe it still exists. Sitting here in tears. Poor baby! People are so evil. Well done Casey! You are an angel".

And Twitter user @Missy_Nat20 tweeted: "The story of Millie the dog really shows the worst and best of humanity. Those kids who beat and shot an innocent dog and then Casey who rescued her."

If you would like to keep up with Millie, go check out her official Instagram page HERE.