Dog found comatose on side of road makes a breathtaking recovery

Dog found comatose on side of road makes a breathtaking recovery

In India, there is a significant problem with stray dogs - whether they be abused or simply left to fall to a variety of diseases and infections, these poor creatures are in dire need of care.

Unfortunately there are very few people out there who want to help, or who have the ability to help them. After all, some of their conditions are extremely serious, requiring urgent medical attention from skilled professionals. While you would think that an epidemic like this is incredibly difficult to resolve, there are some who are making a difference.

For instance, Animal Aid Unlimited have been doing some incredible work in India. The rescue centre is vital to the street animals living in Udaipur, Rajasthan, providing sanctuary, medical services, and life-long care if need be, for animals that are found injured or ill.

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They frequently save animals from the brink of death, with infected wounds that would only go on to fester and lead to a painful end. Recently, they found one dog on the street who - while he seemed to be relatively unharmed - desperately needed medical attention.

The dog, later named Roxy, was unconscious, and was completely unresponsive to the Animal Aid staff. Realising that he was unable to rise from this comatose state, they decided to gently lift him from the roadside and take him back to their sanctuary where he could get the medical attention he so urgently needed.

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After a quick examination, they found no sign of broken bones or obvious wounds externally, so their next step was to treat him for an internal injury. Treating him with a medicine that specifically targets and reduces swelling on the brain, they soon realised they had made the right call. He still didn't wake up the following day, but soon enough, he was back on his feet again.

By the third day of treatment, he was on his feet again, and the transformation is absolutely remarkable. The charity made a video showing how they found him, and how he later progressed, and there's a good chance that it will move you to tears. Just take a look at how invigorated and happy the little dog looks today, now that he's had the right support and treatment:

"Angels exists its true," one user commented on the video, while another said: "Good job guys thanks for savings this poor animals. God bless you."

Many of the comments on the YouTube video were positive because, well, how could they not be. It seems like Animal Aid are doing an amazing job in India at the moment - this isn't even the first time they've tracked the amazing transformation of one of the stray dogs they took into their care.

There was the starving and malnourished puppy they found and brought back to full health, and another dog that was found stuck in tar and unable to move.