Dog treks 125 miles to find owner who abandoned her

Dog treks 125 miles to find owner who abandoned her

A dog who was abandoned by its owner trekked 125 miles through the Russian wilderness to return to them.

Maru, the faithful bullmastiff who was left alone to fend for herself by her ungrateful master, suffered injuries to her paws as a result of her trek through the dangerous countryside.

Her owner apparently discovered that she was allergic to the one-year-old puppy, and sent her on a train back to the kennels she'd been born in, in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

Check out this adorable video of Maru below:

But Maru somehow managed to pry open the train compartment door when the train had stopped at a remote station near Achinsk in Krasnoyarsk Krai. Although staff working on the train line searched frantically for her, Maru managed to make a bid for freedom. The escapee reappeared at the kennels, where she came straight up to dog breeder, Alla Morozova, in a state of distress.

Prior to this, Morozova, who had been informed by the train guards about Maru's escape, took to social media to petition strangers to try to locate the dog. The Russian taiga [plains] have a number of dangerous animals roaming around, including wolves and bears.

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Commenting on the incident in a later interview with the Siberian Times, Morozova stated: "She jumped out like a bullet. When the door opened to the platform, she jumped out into the night, into the taiga ... I'm sure that she was looking for her house. Dogs are very attached to people. She did not run to Novosibirsk - she wanted to go back where she lived."

She added: "Geographically, she had no reference points at all. In the city she used to walk only in the yard, she never went anywhere else, and to make her away through the wild taiga, it is an amazing case."

Morozova has since shared pictures of Maru sleeping in her dog basket, and she seems to be much happier. We can only hope that she's adopted by a more caring owner who will look after her more responsibly in the future.