Dog who had front legs cut off is becoming a therapy dog for amputees

Dog who had front legs cut off is becoming a therapy dog for amputees

Meet True. He loves to cuddle, make people happy, and go on long walks in his wheelchair, even though it tires him out. That's because, when this two-year-old mixed breed lived in the Ukraine, his owner abused him.

True's owner, who was an addict, cut off the dog's two front legs for digging a hole. When the owner later died from an overdose, neighbours rescued True to take him to a shelter. There, medics patched him up, though they were worried he wouldn't live through the winter with his injuries.

So, the shelter contacted their partner Cause 4 Paws in Canada. The organisation, which re-homes and rehabilitates abused animals, helped raise money for True's medical expenses.

When Erin Blaak heard about True through Cause 4 Paws and a Facebook page for rescues, the 31-year old decided she needed to help. So, she adopted True and took him home to her growing family: her boyfriend Romain Avril, a Pomeranian called Bandito, and a Labrador-Dane mixed breed named Brady. And now, True.

On December 4, 2018, True flew from Ukraine to Toronto. What an independent, good, little pup.

Though Erin wasn't looking for another dog, she couldn't resist when she read True's story online. Thank god for the internet.

Now, True is settled into his new home. Though he is easily tired, True gets wherever he needs to be by being carried, walking on his hind legs, or using his special wheelchair.

And now that he's adjusted, Erin is helping him train to be a therapy dog. This way, True can bring a smile to amputees the same way he has brightened Erin and Romain's days, especially because he gets on so well with people and other dogs alike.

As for Erin, she's now more involved with Cause 4 Paws - planning and hosting fundraisers. The first one she put on when she first adopted True brought in £20,000 for his medical bills. And so far, Cause 4 Paws has rescued more than 1,000 dogs.

Watch this video of a man reuniting with his dog after three years:

If you fancy keeping track of True's progress, you can follow him on Instagram. His bio reads: "Hi I’m TRUE. I’m a rescue who underwent horrific abuse. I’m living my new life in Canada. I’m a therapy dog who brings love & joy to all who need it!"

Keep on truckin', True!