German shepherd has rare condition that makes him still look like a puppy

German shepherd has rare condition that makes him still look like a puppy

A German Shepherd with a condition which has left him still looking like a puppy is taking social media by storm.

The two-year-old pooch has pituitary dwarfism, otherwise known as growth hormone deficiency, which leads to a much slower growth rate and an unusually small size in the affected individual.

Here's a look at the lovable canine in action:

Ranger, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, had contracted a parasite called giardia and his owners initially believed that it was that which accounted for his small size.

Even after he had recovered from the infection, he evidently was not growing at the rate of an ordinary dog of his breed. So his owners took him to the vet who informed them of the growth condition, a condition which German Shepherds are predisposed to.

Some of the side effects of the growth hormone deficiency include fur loss and flaky skin caused by hypothyroidism.

And the owners were urged to have Ranger's thyroid levels checked as many dogs with the condition have lower than average thyroid levels. Sure enough, the vet informed them that he was indeed low and that this could go on to cause fur loss and a loss of appetite.

Following treatment, however, Ranger has made a full recovery from any fur and skin-related symptoms. He was put on Levothyroxine and benefitted greatly from a specialised soap. He is now a happy and healthy canine with an impressive Instagram following of 67,000 and counting.

Unsurprisingly, with each new post, the gorgeous little dog is flooded with gushing comments.

"He’s pretty much a gift to my eyeballs," one follower wrote. "He makes Instagram a better place with his cute self."

"I have 3 Maine coon kitties and 2 weigh more than him," added another. "He's really adorable."

"So you’re telling me you have a forever puppy? I want one," a third added.

Check out the rest of Ranger's Instagram page here.