Grandpa dresses as character from 'Up' for Halloween along with his adorable pooch

Grandpa dresses as character from 'Up' for Halloween along with his adorable pooch

When it comes to Halloween outfits, you've only really got two choices - go sexy or go clever.

Yes, you can be a sexy cat. We can all be sexy cats. But the mark of a true Halloween master is someone who goes above and beyond to create a costume that is clever, intricate and show stopping in equal measure.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we've found that person. 87-year-old Henry had oft been compared to the cantankerous, but ultimately wonderful, grandpa from 2009 Pixar film Up - Carl Fredricksen. Throw into the mix Henry's loyal golden retriever companion Peyton and you've got a Halloween combo for the ages.

Stunning duo Henry and Peyton. Credit: Matt Paulton

I think you can all see where this is going (unless you haven't watched the movie) - man and dog coupled in perfect harmony, ready to blow the internet away with a staggering display of cosplay.

According to The Dodo, Henry and Peyton have been inseparable ever since the pooch was a puppy - which might make what is already an adorable story even cuter.

Henry watching Pixar's 2009 classic 'Up'. Credit: Matt Paulton

Matt Poulton, Henry’s grandson also told The Dodo:

"My grandpa is obsessed with Peyton! She’s our family dog and they live together in the same house. She sleeps in his room and loves to lay next to him throughout the day. They spend most of the day in the house together."

So now it's time for the great unveiling of Henry and Peyton's masterpiece.

Henry and Peyton dressed up as the characters from 'Up'. Credit: Matt Paulton

Firstly, that outfit is class - talk about making Halloween pet accessible. Secondly, why did his grandson Matt not dress up as Up's other principle character, Russell? The only thing stopping Henry's effort from being truly magnificent is someone parading around as the lovable "Wilderness Explorer".

Either way, I've seen some pretty amazing Halloween outfits today (yes Heidi Klum, I'm talking about you), but this one might take the dog biscuit.