Heartwaming video shows owner being reunited with her cat after the California fires and it'll make you ugly cry

Heartwaming video shows owner being reunited with her cat after the California fires and it'll make you ugly cry

The deadly wildfires which have struck California have caused untold damage to a number of properties in the state, and destroyed lives and livelihoods in the process. 2018's season is now officially the most destructive on record, with over 7,000 fires having so far been recorded over an area of approximately 1,667,855 acres according to figures provided by the  California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. It has been estimated that the wildfires have caused $2.9 billion in damages.

But far worse than all the money is the human cost. So far, 88 civilians and six firefighters are believed to have been killed by the infernos, and a further 44 people have been seriously injured. Not only that, but a number of unfortunate Californians have sadly lost their pets as a result of the fire, and veterinarians across the state are reporting that a large number of animals have been hurt or killed. However, this week social media users had their spirits lifted somewhat by a heartwarming viral video, which showed an emotional reunion between a cat-owner and her dear pet.

Two weeks before a deadly fire swept through the town of Paradise, Laci Ping and her husband Curtis Mullins adopted a little grey cat named Mayson. As the couple were evacuating their home, Mayson escaped from his carrier as they got into a neighbour's car and ran off. Laci and Curtis assumed that their poor cat had died as a result.

However, as luck would have it, Laci later spotted Mayson in a photo album on the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine's Facebook page. The animal hospital had been uploading pictures of stray animals to try to help owners identify their missing pets, and Laci recognised Mayson straight away. Uploading a video of their emotional reunion to Facebook, Laci wrote: "Our Baby is back in my arms he returns home in less than a week!... It's MAYSON!  Prepare yourself really ugly crying happened! This is the best feeling I've had in a LONG while! [sic]"

Commenting on the situation, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine communications officer Trina Wood stated: "Mayson was one of the first ones we were able to connect the dots. That was one of the best reunion videos ever. I watched it over and over ... The number of animals that need help right now is pretty overwhelming. Most of the cats have burnt paws. They often have singed whiskers, burns to their ears, to their faces. Some of them have smoke inhalation as well."

She added: "People are sending in photos of their cats, if they have photos, or they're simply saying 'I think so-and-so looks a lot like my cat' and giving us characteristics that we've been trying to match. We have recently made some really good connections that make all the long hours really worthwhile."

I'm so happy that Laci and Curtis managed to find their cat safe and sound. Give me a minute here guys, I think I've got something in my eye...