Incredible footage shows whale surface from the water right next to tourist boat

Incredible footage shows whale surface from the water right next to tourist boat

Spectacular footage has emerged of the moment a whale calf bursts out of the water right next to a tourist boat.

The newborn humpback whale made what appeared to be an effortless leap just metres from a boat full of tourists.

The impressive scenes were captured by Jonas Liebschner, the manager of tour company Whale Watching Sydney, who was onboard a different boat nearby.

This is the striking moment the baby whale emerged from the water right next to a tourist boat:

The footage was captured during a whale-watching cruise at the entrance to Sydney Harbour, Australia, on Friday afternoon (October 4.)

The German-born whale photographer, 33, was said to be stunned at how close the fearless baby whale was to the Whale Watching Sydney boat as the curious creature took a look at the astonished tourists.

The pod of whales was passing through Sydney Harbour during their annual migration, which is when one of the youngest of the bunch leapt out of the water.

Due to this annual migration, there is increased activity between April and November as the creatures make their way over to Australian waters following a summer eating krill in Antarctica.

whale Credit: Pexels

In the footage above, the young mammal is seen bursting through the surface a few times before flipping over, in what made for a spectacular and unexpected display.

The sea had been particular choppy on the day the scenes were filmed. It is especially under these conditions that whales tend to breach out of the water.

The Daily Mail reports, however, that research from the University of Queensland found a link between wind noise and the whales "gesturing" rather than "vocalising."

"Imagine you're at a party and you're trying to talk to someone and they can't hear what you say, you start to gesture a bit," Dr Rebecca Dunlop told the ABC. "Humpbacks are doing something similar."