Incredible moment Australian dog finds his favorite toy in the rubble of family's destroyed home

Incredible moment Australian dog finds his favorite toy in the rubble of family's destroyed home

The recent bushfires in Australia ravaged across 11 million hectares of land, destroying more than 2,000 homes in the process, ABC News reports.

As a result, many families returned to where their properties once stood, only to find out that their worldly possessions had been destroyed for good. However, not everybody lost everything that was dear to them...

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When Matt and Katie Zagami, from Wairewa, Australia, returned to the home they were forced to evacuate, they found nothing but ash and charred rubble.

But according to 7 News journalist Louisa Cheatley, despite the Zagami's home being "completely destroyed", the Zagami beloved dog OJ found something that was very dear to him.

Writing on Twitter, Cheatley said: "OJ returned to his Wairewa home today that was completely destroyed by fire. He found his favourite stuffed toy in the rubble." The tweet was accompanied by a photo of OJ carrying the toy in his mouth.

The post was later shared by dog fan page, WeRateDogs, who recounted OJ's story with their 8.6 million followers. They wrote:

"This is OJ. After safely evacuating, him and his family returned to their home in Wairewa, Australia yesterday to find it entirely destroyed by the fires. But amongst the rubble, OJ found his favorite toy had survived. 14/10 never letting it go again."

As of this writing, the tweet has been liked 175,000+ times and retweeted over 21,000 times.

Amazingly, many of the responses of the post were from "other dogs" who not only wished OJ all the best, but also offered to share their toys:

Speaking to ABC Gippsland, OJ's owner Matt recalled the true devastation of the bushfires: "Every day we get reminders - every hour we get a reminder of what we lost and what we haven't got any more, and we have found it really hard to be here and look at it."

Zagami also opened up about the destruction the fires caused, telling ABC Gippsland:

"We left here last Monday just after lunch thinking we'd come back to our house the next day and everything would be alright. But we found out earlier that morning that we'd lost our house and, more devastating, we'd lost everything. The house, sheds, farm […] it burnt through everything. It's just bloody devastating … to have everything taken away in one hit. The farm is one thing, but we lost everything in the house - everything."

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Thankfully, as well as OJ's favorite toy, the family was also able to find Katie's wedding dress.

According to the local fire department, the Zagami's house was one of 11 destroyed in Wairewa. Thankfully, the community evacuated in time and there were no lives lost or serious injuries.