Stray dog visits her local Subway every night for free food

Stray dog visits her local Subway every night for free food

A stray dog living on the streets of New Mexico has melted the hearts of people all over the world after a Subway employee shared videos of her visiting the restaurant.

The Sandwich Artist also revealed that the pup has been visiting the same branch of Subway in Portales every night for the last year.

The clips were originally shared online by TikTok user and Subway employee @kxnuko. In his now-viral posts, he says:

"This stray dog has been coming to Subway every night for the past year. We always feed her. Her name is Subway Sally.

"So she’s back. Today I’ve got her some chicken. She’s kind of messy though. […] If we’re too late to give her food, she’ll just go across the street to Taco Bell."

Check out 'Subway Sally' in the adorable video below:

Subway Sally can be seen in the videos patiently waiting outside the doors of the sandwich shop, with eager anticipation on her face. Naturally, the staff are all-to-happy to oblige to Subway Sally, and she tucks into meals of leftover chicken and bacon. The staff then let her wash down the meal with a cup of water.

Documenting Sally’s nightly routine using a series of three TikTok videos, Kxnuko revealed how he and his coworkers will pull on their gloves and serve their most loyal customer each and every evening.

Understandably, people online couldn't get enough of Subway Sally, and she soon became a hot topic on Twitter - with many users pleading for somebody did give her a home in 2020.

After receiving many questions about Subway Sally, Kxnuko decided to open up about her situation in more detail.

This is the moment a stray dog was finally reunited with his owner after three years apart:

Kxnuko revealed that Sally's fur is in such good condition because a kind lady who works at a neighboring flower shop takes the time to give her an occasional bath. The employee also says that he cannot adopt Sally because he has five cats at home, and the nearest animal shelter has a "high kill rate".

Let's hope Sally finds her forever home soon (and let's hope it's near a Subway).