Target is now selling mini haunted houses for cats, just in time for Halloween

Target is now selling mini haunted houses for cats, just in time for Halloween

It's Halloween in just over a month, and, naturally, retailers are already providing October 31 enthusiasts with all kinds of exciting merchandise.

For instance, Target is now selling mini haunted houses for cats just in time for the spooky holiday - and they look absolutely fantastic!

The Hyde & EEK! Boutique Basic Cat Scratcher is a 'cat mansion' with two floors, with a 'perch pad' on top and a scratcher floor on both levels for endless entertainment.

The mini-haunted house - which is made from cardboard and measures at 19 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 23 inches tall - is easy to assemble and can hold the weight of larger cats.

Credit: Target

In fact, according to one of their customers, their cat weighs about 17 lbs and often sits up top.

"And I've actually made a replacement for last year's version, due to one of my younger cats going a little nuts, bouncing up top," they said. "They're built real sturdy."

Another added, however, "the house itself may not last as long with a larger cat occupying that space for large quantities of time."

Credit: Target

Take a read of the product's description:

It’s a spooky chateau for your favorite cat (black or otherwise) – just in time for Halloween! Frightful and delightful, the Deluxe Haunted Mansion from Boots & Barkley™ is where your pet will be wanting to spend all her time. It’s two stories of entertainment, with a spacious cove on the bottom complete with scratch pad built into the floor. The perfect perch to keep an eye on the room is up above. Even better, the entire set assembles in just a few easy steps. The only thing not included are spirits to haunt the place, but your cats will have a scary amount of fun nonetheless.

For anyone interested in buying the Hyde & EEK! Boutique Basic Cat Scratcher, it costs a reasonable $16.99.