The 'fox dog' is a Pomeranian-Husky mix that is absolutely beautiful

The 'fox dog' is a Pomeranian-Husky mix that is absolutely beautiful

Have you ever been walking home at night, seen a gorgeous fox just roaming around the neighborhood, and thought: "They'd make wonderful pets!"

Well, unfortunately, despite some people successfully domesticating the creatures, foxes just don't suit living in our homes quite like dogs.

Per The Telegraph, despite being legal in the UK, keeping a fox is incredibly challenging. "It’s because they’re so highly wired," says fox owner Richard Bowler. Despite rarely being aggressive to humans, they are still wild animals and can bite if distressed or panicked around people.

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The RSPCA also does not encourage keeping foxes as pets, "because foxes are wild animals, their needs are very specific and require specialist care". Very few people possess the land, facilities, and the time that the beautiful creatures require.

Fortunately, for those of you who love foxes, dogs, and creatures that look like fire-type Pokémon, allow me to introduce you to a crossbreed of dog that has affectionately been nicknamed the "fox dog".

Despite looking exactly like the Mozilla Firefox icon, this is actually a Pomeranian-Husky mix - and they are seriously beautiful.

Perhaps the most Insta-famous of this crossbreed is Mya The Pomsky, who currently boasts an understandable 50,000+ followers on Instagram.

Per Bored Panda, Mya lives with her human Dave Lasio in South Florida, and the pair love to traveling around the states of America together, documenting their adventures on Instagram.

And after a picture of Mya surfaced on Reddit, people online just fell in love with her vixen-like appearance (seriously, I thought she was a real Vulpix).

Naturally, I'm sure you have all fallen in love with Mya and are now adding a 'fox dog' to your Christmas list - but as always, we encourage all of our readers to rescue and adopt dogs from shelters, rather than support puppy mills.