You can now get a matching necklace and tag for you and your dog

You can now get a matching necklace and tag for you and your dog

Man's best friend. Fur baby. Four-legged friend.

Whatever you call your pooch, there's just nothing that compares to the bond we share with our pet dogs. Unlike our human friends and family, dogs never let us down, are always over-the-moon to see us, and will do anything to make sure we're safe and happy.

That's what makes them such loyal companions. Heck, for many of us, that's what makes them our best friends.

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And for years, dog owners have been doing what they can to express their love for their pups - from treating them with extravagant toys to even getting matching outfits.

However, a company called WeLink has created perhaps the perfect gift that shows just how much you and your dog are connected.

Introducing a matching necklace charm and dog tag that are the perfect accessories to showcase the love you share with your furry friends.

Writing on their official website, WeLink says they are a "family business born from the crazy idea of us wearing dog tags cut in the shape of our beloved dogs." They add: "When we realized that a lot of people felt the same love and pride for their pets, and that we could sell the tags to help others, we decided to improve our tags and offer them to the world."

Buyers can choose from a range of tag/necklace charm designs based on different breeds - from Labradors to Labradoodles, big dogs to small.

Each tag is designed in stainless steel and can be engraved with any name, phone number or quote you'd like (up to a maximum of 30 characters).

In addition, WeLink describe themselves as "animal advocates" that are committed to making a positive difference for "all animals in need". As such, every tag purchased provides a much-needed donation "for dogs, cats, and other homeless pets who are suffering right now in our home Country Colombia."

Writing on their website, WeLink says: "All our sales donate to a spay and neuter program and help provide medical care for homeless dogs, as well as food and anything else they might need."

And don't worry cat-lovers, because WeLink also sells tag/necklace charm designs for our feline friends.

Credit: WeLinkTags

WeLink also makes tags/necklace charms for horse and pig owners!

Credit: WeLinkTags

Each tag/necklace is priced at around $24.99, and due to the fact each order is customized, "shipping times depend on the delivery region. US orders usually arrive within 2-5 days of shipment. International orders may take between 7 to 30 days to arrive."

These truly are an adorable way to showcase the love for your pet - and with proceeds from each purchase going to help animals in need, what's stopping you?