Vegans storm abattoir and refuse to leave until all animals are released

Vegans storm abattoir and refuse to leave until all animals are released

A group of vegan protestors have invaded an abattoir in the British county of Kent, chaining themselves to railings and refusing to leave until all the animals scheduled for slaughter have been released.

In a video posted to Facebook, activists from the group Smash Speciesism claimed that they had targeted two buildings in the town of Tunbridge Wells "with the intention of remaining inside the building and blockading the killing of animals for as long as possible".

In a detailed explanation of the stunt, the group claimed that two separate teams have accessed both the kill floor and waste silos at the slaughterhouse, thereby ensuring that "their eviction will need climbing police and specialised operatives that know how to cut lock ons".

In a statement, Smash Speciesism went on to add:

“The decision to access and blockade this building has not been taken lightly. We are aware of the legal risks related to the action, but we believe there is no other chance to push systemic change. The continuous exploitation of sentient beings, treated as property, is not just immoral but unjust, and if we have to force justice by acting against the law, we will do so unapologetically.”

Last week the world was taken by storm with the news of the Amazon Rainforest being burnt for cattle grazing. With the dooming reality of climate change approaching faster than ever before and the irrefutable connection between that acceleration and animal agriculture, we find our actions justified and necessary to draw attention back to the root cause.

Seeing that protests and demonstrations are being ignored and that change needs to happen fast, we have decided to take direct action against speciesism. We are not here to convince the apathetic public about diet change, we are here with the single intention of avoiding more innocent victims being brutally murdered for profit."

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The group also asserted:

"We would be willing to abandon the blockade if all animals scheduled to be killed today are transported to an animal sanctuary of our choice and if the safety and freedom of the activists is promised, without charges and without personal details."

However, despite the apparent olive branch on offer, Forge Farm Meats, who owns the facility, seem to have little sympathy for the cause. According to a report in The Metro newspaper, the company are aware of the protests, and have labelled them "inconvenient and pathetic."

Coupled with the fact that Kent police "attended to speak with those involved and remain at the scene," it seems that a peaceful resolution is a long way off.