Woman left with 'literal pubic hair' growing from face following dog attack

Woman left with 'literal pubic hair' growing from face following dog attack

A woman has been left with "literal pubic hair" growing from her face after a dog attack.

The incident took place when Crystal Coombs was viciously attacked by a rottweiler as a child. It bit a large chunk out of one of her cheeks, and the ER doctors made the wise decision to leave fixing the gash to plastic surgeons.

There was just one problem: they decided to repair her face using skin from her groin.

Now, she has appeared on an episode of E!'s Botched! to discuss the operation which left her with "literal pubic" hair growing from her face.

To see her discuss the problem, check out the video below: 

In a trailer for the show, Crystal explained: "When I was nine years old, my grandfather was holding a dog. I was actually pretty terrified of the pitbull. All I remember is black."

However, while Dr. Nassif agreed that doctors made the right decision to wait to fix Crystal's face, she is now suffering down the line, fearing that it could detrimentally affect her young daughter once she starts school.

Crystal said: "[The surgeon] suggested the skin graft, take it from the groin. They did the surgery and then the hair started growing."

Dr. Nassif questioned: "So you're getting pubic hair on your face?"

Crystal replied: "Literal pubic hair. I don't believe that the doctor mentioned that I would grow pubic hair out of my patch."

Crystal said that while she does pluck the hairs, since becoming a mother six months ago, she has become more self-conscious about the issue.

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She continued: "I at first thought it didn’t affect me. Since having my daughter, I really started to get conscious of it. She's six months. I'm worried about the kids she'll go to school with. I don't want her to be teased."

While on the show, Cyrstal asked the doctors to reduce the size of her "patch" and make it as "small and minimal as possible". However, they told her that such surgery would be risky.

Dr. Dubrow told her: "We're a little amazed that you could have that large of a chunk taken out of an area where there's so many facial nerve branches. This is expertly done reconstruction work."

He added: "Crystal's case is actually deceptively very complicated."

"That skin graft is very close to critical anatomic structures like the nose, the cheeks and the eye, that if altered, even a little bit, can change the entire shape of the face, and look very deformed."

However, they were still able to help Crystal in some form and surgically implanted a space-filler, which enabled the size of the patch on the young mother's face to be reduced.

She had to wear this filled for a month while her skin stretched - a process that involved regular saline injections.

Incredibly, this meant that Cyrstal's patch was reduced to nothing more than a small scar.

Crystal said: "Before my surgery, I had a skin graft on my face with pubic hair growing out of it. After having my daughter, I was nervous about how other kids would treat her because of how I looked."

"But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif, the skin graft is completely gone. So now, my face is finally smooth, symmetrical and pubic hair-free."