Woman shocked after catching fish with two mouths

Woman shocked after catching fish with two mouths

Tall fisherman’s tales are impossible to avoid if you spend time with someone who likes the feel of their own rod. Stories of the sea have a habit of being blown out of proportion, whether you’re discussing the one that got away, or that time you definitely maybe ran into a real life monster. However, even sceptics find it hard to argue when you return from an adventure with photographic evidence.

Speaking of unusual catches...check out this sea lion getting caught in a net and refusing to leave:

Plattsburgh native Debbie Geddes found herself in exactly this situation this week, when she made the catch of a lifetime on a lake in upstate New York. While fishing the cold, deep waters of Lake Champlain, Geddes felt a telltale tug on her line. As she hauled what looked like a large lake trout into the boat, Geddes did a startled double take, stunned at what was flapping on the deck. As she gaped, her fish gaped back. With two mouths. 

Understandably, the incredible specimen soon caught the attention of the entire fishing party. After a few baffled moments, Geddes and her friends gathered round to take a few snaps of the unusual creature, photographing its remarkable feature from every angle. After satisfactorily capturing the evidence and getting over the initial shock, Geddes re-released the fish into the wild.

Speaking to Fox News after the event, Geddes confessed that, initially at least, nothing seemed unusual about the catch. As she explained:

“When this particular fish bit, it felt like I had a nice fish on. I actually commented, ‘I hope it's as big as it feels!’ When we got it in the boat I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Two mouths! And yet this fish was healthy and thriving! Pretty amazing!”

Even after making the stunning discovery, Geddes wasn’t convinced that the catch would make a splash. As her friend and co-fisherman Adam Fecteau revealed, "She wasn’t convinced anyone would care about the catch. I knew it would be popular."

Understandably, speculation around the cause of the unusual feature has been rife. Geddes herself told Fox News that she believes that the second mouth appeared as a result of injury, but Facteau is not so sure. As he put it:

“Sure, that’s possible. Maybe. However, Lake Champlain is also known for being a sewage dumping ground from Canada and (Vermont). Plus, many of these fish are stocked. Could it be? Not sure. Regardless, it’s a catch of a lifetime and has a lot of public opinions.”

Whatever the reason, it just goes to show that there is still plenty of mystery left in the deep sea.