Woman stunned to find giant spider lurking in her sun visor

Woman stunned to find giant spider lurking in her sun visor

There has been vast research to try and determine exactly why humans are so darn terrified of spiders. One study out of the University of Maastricht determined that one possible reason for arachnophobia is down to something called "spider trauma". This is essentially a spider-related event in a person's life that conditions the individual to fear arachnids.

Now, if the woman in this video hadn't suffered from spider trauma before, you better believe she's going to after this. While driving down the road with her father, the unnamed woman decided to check her face in the sun visor mirror. Little did she know she was about to get one hell of a fright...

Check out the shocking footage in the video below:

I honestly don't know how they didn't crash the car.

The footage was captured in Coolah, New South Wales, Australia, and has become yet another reason why I will never visit Australia in my life.

The woman who recorded the terrifying footage said:

"I was traveling home with my father, I had tomato sauce on my face after eating a pie from the service station. I went to wipe my mouth and was already leaning forward to look at the mirror then the spider was there. It was so close to my face. I then filmed it before it ran away."

But if you thought we were going to leave it at that, you'd be wrong, because we're determined to prove that a fear of spiders is indeed a rational fear to have.

As an arachnophobe, I have often been told by people, "They can't hurt you" and "They're more scared of you than you are of it".

Now, if that were the case, how do you explain this giant spider attacking tourists in the Dominican Republic:

But it's not just beasts like the one above that I refuse to let into my home. My mother would often think I was just being silly for asking her to throw out the tiny house spiders (don't @ me), but the smaller ones can cause just as much trauma as the big 'uns.

This woman found that out the hard way when doctors found a spider living in her ear:

So there you have it; all the proof you'll ever need to justify being scared of spiders! Sweet dreams!