10 People with the most petty deal-breakers ever

10 People with the most petty deal-breakers ever

The heady thrill of infatuation is a feeling we know well. There are the initial butterflies and clammy palms, which are quickly followed by a sinking sense of paranoia, in the vein of "am I coming on too strong". But while someone may seem well-suited to you in the early days, there's always time for them to disappoint you... Whether this is in their sartorial choices or due to the fact that they are the type of person who claps when the plane lands, a deal-breaker is a deal-breaker.

Here are 10 of the internet's most petty deal-breakers...

1. This is just the worst 

2. You have to be able to travel with a significant other...

3. Horrifying 

4. Please

5. Not an internet troll!

6. Only one hashtag please 

7. "Public figure"

8. Nothing worse than someone annoying 

9. Some things can't be forgiven 

10. You have to know this 

Well, there you have it. I personally think that every person here is completely justified in their deal-breakers...