12-year-old kid sets up fake dating profile and surprises real women

12-year-old kid sets up fake dating profile and surprises real women

Dating in 2018 is tough. Just twenty years ago, dating consisted of either being set up by a friend in the hope that they know you well enough to find your perfect match, or just by asking random strangers that you happen to bump into if they'd they to go to dinner. Now, that may sound difficult, but it is a lot better than what singletons have to deal with today.

Nowadays, we scroll through potential dates on cell phone apps - very often whilst we're waiting for the bus or taking a dump - judging them based on their best selfies and wittiest bios. However, thanks to photo filters, vanity apps, and just straight up lies, many people have found themselves on a date with someone who looks nothing like they described online.

In order to prove this, one 12-year-old boy took center stage in this hilarious prank video. The video shows several real women arriving to a date in a fancy restaurant, totally unaware they are being filmed.

They think they're there to be wined and dined by 29-year-old hunk Miguel, but when a fresh-faced pre-teen turns up, things take a hilariously uncomfortable turn.

Check out the video below to see just how these hilarious "dates" unfolded:

As of this writing, the video has been viewed a whopping 32 million times online.

The viral video was created by Jungle Creations as part of a paid campaign with Yoti, a digital identity app that describes itself as "the easiest, most secure way to prove your identity online and in person".

On their website, Jungle Creations say they produced the video to show, "just how easy it is fake your identity in 2017.

"The film follows a 12-year-old boy who sets up a fake dating profile, posing as a rather good looking 29-year-old man. Via hidden cameras, we see him arrive at various real dates, much to the shock of the young women.

Credit: Jungle Creations / Yoti

"The film playfully shows the identity theft dangers that we face in the modern world, that is of course, until the introduction of the new Yoti app."

In fact, the carefully produced prank was so successful with social media users that it became the most viewed branded campaign on Facebook the week it was published, and Yoti reportedly saw a 100% increase in organic uplift when the campaign went live.

Amazingly, despite being created as a marketing tool, the hilarious "prank" has received praise from both the general public and industry leaders for its originality, playful theme, and incredibly entertaining star.

Credit: Jungle Creations / Yoti

In fact, the video has won a slew of awards following its social media debut, including top accolades at Campaign's Brand Film Festival, Audience Honour at the annual Shorty Awards, Highly Commended at the Performance Marketing Awards and a whole host of shortlists, Little Casanova has beaten over 100 other entrants to be honored with a Social and Influencer Lion at the 2018 Cannes Lions awards.

It just goes to show you; you never really know who is on the other end of Tinder!