20 Famous actors you never noticed were guest stars on TV shows

20 Famous actors you never noticed were guest stars on TV shows

Every big-name Hollywood actor has to make their start somewhere. After all, people aren't usually born famous. Instead they typically climb the ladder by taking on smaller bit-parts or guest star roles in smaller productions, until they finally land the part that turns them into a household name.

This means that, if you go back and re-watch some of your favourite TV shows, you might notice that a huge celebrity once made an appearance in it before they were famous. If you're used to seeing them as the dashing lead on the big screen, then it can be pretty damn jarring to see them again on some cable network on a low-budget soap. But don't worry if you're too lazy to go back and watch all those hours of TV: we're already done it for you. Scroll down to check out some of the most surprising famous actors to guest star on TV.

1. Evan Peters - The Office

2. George Clooney - Golden Girls

3. Mila Kunis - 7th Heaven

4. Nick Offerman - The West Wing

5. Amy Adams

6. Shia LaBeouf - Freaks and Geeks

7. Matthew McConaughey - Unsolved Mysteries 

8. Zack Braff - The Babysitters Club

9. Courtney Cox - Murder She Wrote

10. Rami Malek - Gilmore Girls 

11. Ryan Gosling - Goosebumps

12. Emma Stone - Malcolm in the Middle

13. Millie Bobby Brown - NCIS

14. Steven Yeun - Big Bang Theory

15. Andrew Garfield - Doctor Who

16. Aaron Paul and Jane Lynch - The X-Files

17. Chris Hemsworth - The Saddle Club

18. Jennifer Lawrence - Monk

19.  Dylan Minnette - Grey's Anatomy

20. Zack Efron - Firefly

Man, it's pretty crazy to think that some of these people were totally nobodies back in the day. In fact, I'll bet that more than a few of them have appeared on this list of the top 10 highest grossing actors of last year.