20 people who were surprised by genius hidden messages on everyday products

20 people who were surprised by genius hidden messages on everyday products

Companies are getting more creative every day. They seem to always be coming up with hidden easter eggs within their products to impress their customers and hopefully create brand loyalty. After all, who doesn't want something that's unique?

In fact, I happen to own a workout shirt that has a hidden message stitched in faint lettering on the inside of the bottom hemline. It reads "I go the distance for... CHEESE!" I'm not kidding, it really does and to be honest, it isn't wrong. I love cheese! I wear my shirt to the gym to work it off and being reminded of one of my favorite foods definitely motivates me to work harder.

Some of the world's biggest logos actually have horrifying hidden meanings:

So, without further ado, here are 20 everyday productions with genius hidden easter eggs and messages. They'll certainly have you turning your house upside down looking for a few of your own because, trust me, they really are everywhere!

1. This raincoat that shows a floral pattern when wet
Credit: trashyfictions

I totally want one!

2. "Opened up my gaming headset to replace the cord and was greeted by this." Credit: AKLmfreak

Yes, very nosey, indeed!

3. This footrest in a Jeep with a message in Morse Code! Credit: accidentpronehiker

It says "Sand, Snow, Rivers, Rocks".

4. Well, this coconut water did tell you it was innocent Credit: SupermotoArchitect

Please respect its carton!

5. Seems like common sense Credit: Reddit

Do you think anyone's left their child in?

Here's another genius tag from the clever folks over at Top Gear...

6. Leave it to Top Gear to write something clever on their products Credit: bananarchy

I wonder what kind of animals? Are we talking dogs here or something more unusual like llamas?

7. How cute is this? Credit: Deonteaus

It seems they've been enjoying the music.

8. This hilarious message hidden on a circuit board Credit: jazzmonster

It's good advice for anyone, really.

9. I assume knowledge of knot tying may also be required here Credit: CyclistTravi

Perhaps MacGyver owns a set of these cables.

10. This fortune written on a bag of pancake mix Credit: embc4-is-mine

I think I see a few extra pounds in your future, too.

This next one is hilarious...

11. This very useful advice on the tag of a child's swim diaper Credit: a_shootin_star

I wonder if anyone has tried the worse results option. Yuck!

12. Spotted on a urinal in a public restroom Credit: London_Atlas

Got to give them credit for being clever. I wonder how long it took to come up with that one!

13. This message written on the circuit board in a car in space Credit: Elon Musk

But isn't that exactly what an alien would say?

14. Noted on the Cards Against Humanity instruction booklet Credit: AWDTurboGuy

I bet a few people have sent in complaints. If not about the game, then about the Vice Presidency.

15. You'd think socks wouldn't require instructions! Credit: alishiaferreira

Then again, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers did make crotch socks a thing for a few hot minutes in the 90s.

Number 16 offers a very important warning...

16. Beware the dangers of a zipper! Credit: wajxcsgo

It's perhaps why underpants are a protective requirement.

17. This package is green for a reason Credit: Unsocial

Anyone else got the munchies?

18. Spotted under a bed on a cruise ship Credit: danmanyjews

Do people actually bend under the bed for exercise?

19. Secret message on a pair of new glasses Credit: amazinggstatic

It's true. They do!

20. Important message on a pizza restaurant receipt Credit: CrossEyedPigeonToed

I think current affairs might say otherwise.

So what did you think? Have you ever found a hidden message somewhere unexpected? I'm sure you'll be looking a little more closely at your belongings from now on! One thing's for sure, if you find a hidden message, it's guaranteed to make you smile.