Aldi is selling a 'Harry Potter' advent calendar and it looks magical

Aldi is selling a 'Harry Potter' advent calendar and it looks magical

Aldi has just released a Harry Potter advent calendar, and it looks like the perfect magical treat in the run-up to Christmas. Because, as much as we'd all love to visit Hogsmeade in the snow and enjoy a butterbeer or three, unfortunately, muggles don't get letters to Hogwarts.

And while we can work out whether we'd be a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin online in the absence of the Sorting Hat, once you've seen what's inside this advent calendar, you'll agree that it's the perfect treat for everyone - regardless of house.

Watch two grandparents build a Harry Potter themed fortress: 

Priced at £49.99 ($64.28), the Harry Potter advent calendar is currently available to order online before it's released in stores on November 3.

Aldi's Harry Potter advent calendar. Credit: Aldi

Suitable for anyone aged three and over, it's jam-packed with stickers, keyrings and other festive Potter treats.

I mean, just look at that adorable plushie of Hermione in her Yule Ball dress!

The contents of Aldi's Harry Potter calendar. Credit: Aldi

The calendar's product description reads:

"You're never too old for an advent calendar, so why not treat the Harry Potter fans (young and old!) in your life for the run up to Christmas this year. They'll love waking up each day and discovering what is hidden for them in the unique rotating box. From exclusive plush toys, to one of a kind charms, there's something inside for every Harry Potter fan, making it the perfect gift for any Wizarding World fan. Whatsmore, it's completely reusable each year!"

However, this is not the only noteworthy Harry Potter product to be released recently. There's also the UK-based MinaLima's Harry Potter wallpaper collection.

Marauders Map wallpaper. Credit: MinaLima

Featured above is the Maurder's Map wallpaper, and if you're wondering why it looks like something straight out of the Harry Potter movies, that's because MinaLima was actually a graphic artist behind the films.

The collection consists of five designs including the Black Family Tree, the Marauder's Map and The Daily Prophet, priced at £89 ($114.41) per roll.