Amazon is now selling singing 'Baby Shark' Halloween costumes for the whole family

Amazon is now selling singing 'Baby Shark' Halloween costumes for the whole family

Once upon a time, sharks were hated and feared by mankind in equal measure; due to their frightening appearance, and reputation as the apex predators of the sea. They certainly weren't thought of as cute by kids, that's for sure!

But in 2016 something changed, thanks to a YouTube video aimed at tots featuring a family of adorable baby sharks, dancing underwater to a catchy tune. The animated clip exploded in popularity, and rapidly became one of the most-viewed YouTube videos of all time. Yup, sharks have had a major boost to their PR.


Baby shark Halloween costume. Credit:

If you want proof of this, then just consider how much merchandise the Shark Family appears on these days. They're making cameos on everything from t-shirts and posters, to toys.

For instance, Halloween is on the way. That's a time when costumes for adults and kids are all but essential. It's good to know then that Amazon has jumped on the bandwagon, and is now selling colourful Baby-Shark-Themed costumes for the whole family. Even your dogs can get involved!

The costumes were created by the Rubie's Costume Company, and feature Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, and Daddy Shark in kids and adult sizes. They're so colourful and eye-catching!

Check out the famous Baby Shark viral video here:

The product's official item description on Costume Supercentre states: "Take your kid trick or treating as one of YouTube's biggest sensations this Halloween. This Kid's Baby Shark - Mommy Shark Costume is the perfect way to do that."

It continues: "This ensemble comes as a shark romper made to look like Mommy Shark, but hides something even more recognizable under it's gills. An included a pre-recorded sound chip that plays clips of the Baby Shark song! Go out as a school of sharks or let your little one soak up all the attention as a solo act."

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The original video was the brainchild of the kid's entertainment YouTube channel, Pinkfong - an educational subsidiary of the South Korean media startup SmartStudy. It currently boasts an incredible 3 billion views and 9 million likes, which makes it the most-viewed educational video of all time, and its popularity has even spurred an online dance craze in South Korea.

The video is now so beloved that a stage show, Baby Shark Live!, is due to launch in the near future. Commenting on the future tour, Round Room Live co-president and lead producer, Stephen Shaw, told People: "We are really excited to be partnering with Pinkfong to bring a live version of their viral sensation, Baby Shark, throughout the U.S. and Canada."

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He added: "Baby Shark Live is a world-class children's brand that transfers naturally to the live stage, and we can't wait to delight fans with this fun and engaging experience."

This isn't the only Baby Shark merch we've seen online lately. Walmart recently released a range of awesome Baby Shark bedsheets, so kids can sleep in duvets featuring their favourite undersea characters.