Banksy allegedly 'caught on camera' painting new Christmas mural

Banksy allegedly 'caught on camera' painting new Christmas mural

Recently, a new Christmas mural appeared on a wall in Birmingham, England, and it is now being alleged that Banksy was caught on camera while he was painting the work of art.

Footage from a nearby shop's security camera purportedly captured the infamously stealthy artist:

The footage was recorded on Friday 6 December, just before half seven in the morning. In the top left of the shot, you can vaguely make out a figure of a man stepping out onto the road, seemingly admiring the 'graffiti' he has just left on the wall.

The art was believed to have first been seen by members of the public early on Friday morning.

The festive-themed artwork also incorporated an artistic comment on the issue of homelessness as a bench typically used as a makeshift bed by the homeless, is depicted being "pulled" by two reindeer painted on the brick wall in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Footage of the mural and a homeless man named Ryan was posted to Banksy's official Instagram, with the caption: "God bless Birmingham."

"In the 20 minutes we filmed Ryan on this bench passers-by gave him a hot drink, two chocolate bars, and a lighter - without him ever asking for anything," Banksy continues.

The video shows Ryan having a drink and then proceeding to use a bag as a pillow before lying down on the bench - a bench which appears to be lifted by the reindeer in the mural - as though it were part of Santa's sleigh.

Credit: Banksy / Instagram

I’ll Be Home for Christmas plays in the background of the touching clip which has since garnered nearly three million views on Instagram.

Plenty of Banksy's followers took to the comments to praise the elusive artist, with one user writing: "And just like that, goodness appears in all its little ways, reassuring us that the better parts of our nature are still fully intact. Love it."

"Thank you Banksy - Birmingham loves you," writes another while a third simply commented: "Amazing."