Beyoncé and Jay-Z stay seated during national anthem at Super Bowl

Beyoncé and Jay-Z stay seated during national anthem at Super Bowl

Beyoncé and Jay-Z remained seated during the national anthem at the 2020 Super Bowl.

This form of protest against the racial discrimination of minority groups is  best associated with NFL player Colin Kaepernick. The quarterback made headlines around the world for repeatedly refusing to stand during the National Anthem.

In the video below, Obama Discusses Kaepernick's National Anthem protest: 

Sung by Demi Lovato, the general consensus was that she knocked her rendition of the anthem out of the park. However, as per TMZ footage, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and daughter Blue Ivy remained seated during the performance.

Watch the family remain seated during the National Anthem:

However, it has been noted by People that the singer was at the "rockets' red glare" segment of the song, and therefore, the family's decision to remain seated could have been a simple case of them being slow to stand.

This seemingly political decision comes after Jay-Z, who co-produced the halftime show starring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, revealed that his company Roc Nation was partnering with the NFL for events and social justice programs.

Beyoncé and Jay Z at the 2020 Superbowl. Credit: PA Images

Jay-Z is reportedly in full support of Kaepernick, and is using his work with the NFL to make "substantial changes", as per People. However, critics argued that he was simply using Kaepernick's protest for his own personal gain.

One of the most scathing critiques of the family's apparent protests came on Twitter. It read: "When the anthem came on we stood up in silence till it was over...and we were at home on the couch keeping it simple. Beyoncé and Jay Z could have at least stood up while the anthem of the country that made them rich and famous played [sic]. Elitest leftist scumbags, all of them."

In response to this criticism, one Twitter user wrote: "Y'all really more worried about Beyoncé and Jay Z sitting down for the National anthem instead of police brutality against black people. Really shows where y'all morals and values are on the scale."

However, some did applaud the family for their apparent decision: