Bill Gates commissions $645 million superyacht powered by liquid hydrogen

Bill Gates commissions $645 million superyacht powered by liquid hydrogen

Billionaire businessman Bill Gates has commissioned a $645 million superyacht powered by liquid hydrogen.

As per the Daily Mail, the second richest man in the world's purchase, a yacht named Aqua, is extremely environmentally friendly and its only emission is water.

Activist Greta Thunberg rebukes world leaders for failing to tackle the climate change crisis: 

Coming in at a luxurious 370ft-long, the boat has five decks that have room for 14 guests and 31 crew members. The facilities on offer include a gym, yoga studio, beauty room, massage parlor and cascading pool.

However, while this is impressive, it doesn't have a patch on the yacht's two 28-ton vacuum-sealed tanks, which are cooled to a temperature of -423F (-253C).

Gates' penchant for superyachts is already known, however, this is the first time that the 64-year-old has purchased one of his own.

It is believed that Aqua will be ready to make her first voyage in 2024.

The yacht's designer, Sander Sinot, is hoping that it will pave the way for a new generation of sustainable superyachts.

He said: "With every project, I challenge my team and myself to surpass ourselves. For [the] development of AQUA we took inspiration from the lifestyle of a discerning, forward-looking owner, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology to combine this in a superyacht with truly innovative features."

Bill Gates has previously spoken out about the importance of investing in sustainable energy sources.

"By investing in energy innovations, we can build on the progress we've made deploying current technology like renewables, which will help accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a future of reliable and affordable carbon-free electricity," Gates said, as per the Daily Telegraph.

"We need big breakthroughs in technologies that will allow us to supply the power grid with clean energy even during windless days, cloudy weather, and nighttime."