Cardi B confessed she used to drug men and rob them in a vulgar video rant, and people have opinions

Cardi B confessed she used to drug men and rob them in a vulgar video rant, and people have opinions

People love Cardi B because she speaks her mind with no filter. Ever since Bodak Yellow launched her career as a rap superstar, she's shared her opinion on everything from strip club etiquette to post-pregnancy breasts to the government shutdown over Trump's border wall. (Senator Cardi B, we stan!)

However, the 26-year-old's latest comments aren't charming the world like usual. Over the weekend, a clip from a live chat surfaced where Cardi rants about her critics, and makes a shocking confession: During her hardscrabble days as a stripper, she used to drug men and rob them.

"I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to f*ck me? Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go back to this hotel,’ and I drugged n****s up and I robbed them," said Cardi B. "That’s what I used to do.”

The video spread across social media, and many people condemned the Bronx MC. "Cardi B is a EVIL WOMAN AND IS A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY,HOW DARE YOU RAPE ANYONE THEN CRY FOR SYMPATHY," wrote one Twitter user. A second person agreed, adding "people are defending her either because she's a woman, they're using childhood trauma as an excuse, they're a stan or they think it's an attempt to 'defame' her. "

@nicolenovello noted, "If a man did this or even ONE of these everyone would be going crazy. The double standards are insane. Do men justice and lock her up!"  And a fourth Twitter user asserted, "It's about how the #MeToo movement are quick to [rightfully] condemn men allegedly or confirmed of predatory behaviour but get silent when a woman is accused or confirmed to be the predator. That same energy you have toward Bill Cosby, 6ix9ine and R. Kelly, keep it with Cardi B."

It must be noted, however, that many of these outraged critics have Nicki Minaj photos in their backgrounds and/or profile pictures. As you probably recall, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been feuding with each other since last year, when Cardi's debut album, Invasion of Privacy, trumped Minaj's fourth studio album, Queen, in both critical acclaim and commercial sales. The beef didn't result in any direct diss tracks, but it did result in Cardi chucking a shoe at Minaj during a Fashion Week party. (She missed.)

Then, at last February's Grammys, Cardi B became the first female rapper to win Best Rap Album Of The Year. The project also scored a nomination for Best Album Of The Year, overall, which is a rarity for rap. Meanwhile, Queen received zero nominations, and Nicki Minaj has never won a Grammy, despite being extremely talented. So, you can see why her fanatical 'Barbz' would pounce at the chance to slam Cardi B on social media.

Cardi's fans weren't eager to defend her alleged actions, but they did balk at drawing a comparison with monsters like R. Kelly. "I never said her actions weren’t criminally punishable," explained one Twitter user. "R Kelly is gross and in no way shape or form should a serial abuser and pedophile (him) be compared to Cardi B or someone like her." Another simply commented, "F*** outta here. Fuck outta here #SurvivingCardiB; let @iamcardib live"