Madonna speaks out over speculation from body-shamers who questioned whether or not she got butt implants

Madonna speaks out over speculation from body-shamers who questioned whether or not she got butt implants

On Monday of this week, as the last few moments of 2018 ebbed away, most of us were celebrating the start of a new year in a relatively low-key fashion - perhaps at a party or a house gathering. A select few people, however, got to start 2019 in one of the best ways possible: by watching Madonna perform live.

Patrons at New York City's Stonewall Inn were treated to a surprise show on December 31st, where, as well as singing, Madonna shared some wise words with the crowd.

"If we truly took the time to get to know one another, we would find that we all bleed the same color and we all need to love and be loved," said the 60-year-old music icon. "Let’s remember who and what we are fighting for – ourselves, for each other."

She continued: "Let’s take a minute to reflect on how we can bring more love and peace into 2019, let’s look at how we can bring random acts of kindness. Maybe we can find an opening to bring the light in. Are you ready to do that?"

Unfortunately, her words seemed to go unheard - especially by a large portion of people on Twitter, who decided that the only thing they wanted to "reflect on" was the singer's butt.

Madonna butt Credit: Twitter

Almost as soon as footage of her NYE performance made it to the internet, people were debating over what exactly was going on with the Like A Virgin artist's booty. Some thought she was wearing butt pads, others joked it was an "adult diaper", and many jumped to the conclusion that she'd had surgery.

"Did anyone see the pics of @Madonna on stage New Year’s Eve? Looks like someone got but implants off Craigslist," wrote one person.

"I've had plastic surgery so I'm all for it in moderation," tweeted another.  "BUT the doctor who did this to Madonna is ass wrong for this. Is Madonna trying to be a Kardashian? I'm not trying to body shame but young girls see this. Girls don't go this far have pride in your body and what you have!"

Meanwhile, a third person chimed in with: "If someone wants surgery, they can do it, their body their choice. But MANNNNN, beauty standards today somehow made Madonna get a botched butt surgery....yikes."

However, the Queen of Pop has put all rumours to rest in her latest Instagram post. Or she's tried to, at least.

"Desperately Seeking No Ones Approval………………. And Entitled to Free Agency Over My Body Like Everyone Else!! Thank you 2019 ! Its Going to Be an amazing Year!! ! #2019 #freedom#respect #nofear #nodiscrimination."

So, wait, did she get implants? She hasn't denied it - only said that she has "free agency" to do what she wants with her body (which, of course, is totally fair enough). Madonna, this hasn't helped us with our speculation at all!

Either way, whether she has gone under the knife or not, the legendary singer is right in saying that she doesn't have to seek anyone's approval, and that we don't have the right to get mad at her for getting butt implants (or not!). Still, it would be nice to know for sure so that we can put this mystery to rest.