People are marveling at how much Jonah Hill has changed in Instagram posts

People are marveling at how much Jonah Hill has changed in Instagram posts

Stories in which people completely transform their look can inspire us all to get in shape. In all honesty, many of us will read inspirational quotes by Instagram models and then go back to the Doritos and pizza anyway, but that doesn't mean it isn't motivational to see someone utterly change their lives for the better.

When it comes to acting, you may have to undergo something like this just for a role. There's no way they would let anyone suit up in a superhero movie without getting absolutely ripped beforehand, and for biopics often prestige actors need to slim down or pack on the pounds to match up to the body type of a real person.

For Jonah Hill, it's been a bit of both. After hitting the big time after Superbad hit theaters back in 2007, he has been in plenty of comedies and dramas that required him to be all sorts of sizes. In addition to that, he has had some problems with his own weight and eventually decided to shed some pounds.

It was actually is 21 Jump Street co-star Channing Tatum that set him on the right path with some tough love.

Speaking on The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon, Hill described how he asked his always-in-shape co-star if he "ate less and go to a trainer, will I get in better shape?" Tatum then replied: "Yes, you dumb motherfucker, of course you will. It's the simplest thing in the entire world."

Hill has slimmed down once again, revealing his new look on his recently-launched Instagram account. In a photo posted last week, the actor was seen looking a lot different on the set of his directorial debut, Mid 90's.

Even hidden behind the camera, fans were overwhelmed by how different the actor looked.

While he works as director on the coming-of-age drama, which he also wrote, the 34-year-old has been posting even more snaps that give a clearer look at 2018's Jonah Hill. "Gonna get to know this crew very soon," he wrote in the caption. "These are my favorite actors (and co-producer)."

Hill won't be acting in this movie, but the plot does hit close to home - following a teenage boy growing up in Los Angeles in the 90s. Rather than starring the actors you would expect to turn up in a Jonah Hill movie, such as Seth Rogen or Justin Long, the movie stars Katherine Waterston and Lucas Hedges, as well as a large cast of relative unknowns.

And if you didn't believe these shots, thinking there might be some trickery at play, you can see it in motion in this short Instagram clip:

There seems to be plenty of fun being had on the set of this movie. The set photographer on the production even caught images of Hill as he pulled off a kickflip, which he was clearly incredibly proud of.

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