12 famous celebrities who don't identify as either straight or gay

12 famous celebrities who don't identify as either straight or gay

In life, there are people who like to eschew labels and dislike people putting them in boxes; particularly when it comes to the issue of their sexuality. Indeed, there are a great many people out there who wouldn't want to be known as either gay or straight, and just see sexual attraction as depended upon the individual they've fallen for. These people don't see gender as an impediment to sexual attraction and are happy to pursue romantic affiliations with either sex.

There are plenty of celebrities out there who refuse to let themselves be identified as straight or gay, and who have expressed their bisexuality in prior interviews. Some of them might even surprise you. Scroll down to check out 12 famous people who you never knew swung both ways.

1. Alan Cumming 

An image of Alan Cumming. Credit: Getty

2. Paris Jackson

An image of Paris Jackson. Credit: Getty

3. Amber Heard

An image of Amber Heard. Credit: Getty

4. Sia

An image of Sia. Credit: Getty

5.  Tessa Thompson 

An image of Tessa Thompson. Credit: Getty

6. Shannon Purser

An image of Shannon Purser. Credit: Getty

7. Drew Barrymore

An image of Drew Barrymore. Credit: Getty

8. Alia Shawkat

An image of Alia Shawkat. Credit: Getty

9. Ke$ha

An image of Ke$ha. Credit: Getty

9. Carla Delevingne

An image of Carla Delevingne. Credit: Getty

10. Ezra Miller 

An image of Ezra Miller. Credit: Getty

11. Aubrey Plaza

An image of Aubrey Plaza. Credit: Getty

12. Kristen Stewart 

An image of Kristen Stewart. Credit: Getty

On the subject of LGBT+ issues; a Spanish transgender model has managed to make headlines this week, due to the fact that she's now the bookmaker's favourite to win Miss Universe 2018.