12 Times celebrities hilariously trolled their fans

12 Times celebrities hilariously trolled their fans

There's something nice about seeing celebrities interacting with their fans. Whether it's the fact that you know that person has had their day made from sharing a joke with their idol, or because it makes A-listers actually seem relatable, it's a heartwarming spectacle. However, nothing beats when a celebrity shows their true side by not only spending time in the company of their fans, but also trolling them in the process.

In light of this, take a look at 12 of the best celebrity trolls.

1. When Danny Devito played this girl at her own game

2. When Liam Neeson took these guys at their word

3. When Bill Gates photobombed this guy

4. When Tom Hanks took pleasure in this guy being drunk

5. When Elijah Wood did this

6. When Beyonce decided to strike the same pose as a fan

7. When Barack Obama made fun of this sleeping kid (miss you, Barack!)

8. When the Rock looked terrifying

9. When Michael Cera just looked like a normal guy

10. When Aaron Paul was living his best life

11. When Jake Gyllenhaal turned up in this cute selfie looking suitable suave

12. When Maisie Williams looked to be delighted with being near this guy

Ah, celebrities, thank you for providing moments of unbridled joy to us average Joe's. If only we were all famous, hey?