15 times Ryan Reynolds was utterly hilarious on Instagram

15 times Ryan Reynolds was utterly hilarious on Instagram

If there's one celebrity out there who's able to consistently tickle the internet's funny bone, it's Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool actor is well known for his awesome relationship with fellow-celebrity and spouse Blake Lively, for his good looks and charisma, and for his rapier-sharp wit. Everyone knows that his hilarious Twitter account is one of the best out there, but did you also know that his Instagram account is just as good? Because it is.

Whether he's making fun of himself for the terrible Green Lantern movie (a CGI super-suit? Really?) or gushing over the prospect of meeting Hugh Jackman in the flesh, it's safe to say that some of the captions that he comes up with for his Instagram pictures are just as funny as a scene from Deadpool. To prove it, we've managed to collate some of our favourite examples of his trademark humour. Scroll down to check them out.

1. His Christmas celebration 

2. When he contributed to the tiny sunglasses fad

3. Twice!

4. When he commemorated happy father's day 

5. And mother's day

6. This Good Housekeeping cover

7. This trip to boarding school

8. Meeting a cosplayer

9. This joke about his footwear 

10. This Deadpool poster 

11. This throwback photo

12. His trip to Italy

13. When he meet Hugh Jackman

14. His mockery of the Green Lantern movie 

15. When a text message went wrong

Pretty funny huh? But this isn't the first time he's employed social media to great effect. Check out this article we penned all about the time he totally trolled his wife Blake Lively over Instagram.