50 Cent accuses Conor McGregor of 'cheating on his girlfriend'

50 Cent accuses Conor McGregor of 'cheating on his girlfriend'

Despite the fact that he seems to have taken a break from the fight game, Conor McGregor has continued to make headlines over the past few months. Ever since he made the leap from UFC to boxing back in August 2017, McGregor has reportedly been busy spending his wealth, scrapping with Irish gangsters and, if rumors are to be believed, dating Rita Ora. Now, however, he can also add getting into a war of words with 50 Cent to that list.

Yesterday saw McGregor take to his Instagram account to talk about the Forbes list of the highest paid celebrities in the world. The List featured the shock news that Jay-Z had overtaken P Diddy at the top of the list, something which hasn't happened for a very long time. In the post, McGregor also revealed that he will more than likely overtake Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the highest-paid athletes, before firing bizarre shots at 50 Cent.

"Making deals and TAKING deals! Kings recognize Kings! Congrats to @jayz on his number 1 takeover from @diddy in the highest paid Forbes list," McGregor wrote.

"What a take-over! Diddy hasn't been number 2 in so long. Until now. Zoom into that two tone with the powder blue on my wrist mate. You might see 1st place again.

"I am also really interested to see this years Forbes highest paid athletes list. I have now surpassed @cristiano Ronaldo as I told him I would in 2016.

"Floyd as a retired fighter that makes ZERO substantial revenue outside of them ropes is not on the list, and in the long game, is already dead. Mixed Martial Arts is a glorious game, Floyd. You are going to love it hahaha

"Someone tag 50cent in this for me. He blocked me on this the mad 50 year old instagram blocker. Ahh don't block me 50 kid, I still like some of your songs. The older ones hahah King bless you all!"

For anyone who has followed 50 Cent for the past few years, you will be aware that if there is one thing he loves, it's a slanging match on social media. The rapper has had feuds with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Rick Ross in recent times and he certainly hasn't take McGregor's comments lying down. In a now-deleted video that was uploaded onto his Instagram Story, 50 accuses McGregor of leaving his wife and child, before bursting out into fits of laughter.

For those who aren't aware, it was alleged that Conor Mcgregor was having an affair with Rita Ora after the two of them were photographed at an award show together late last year. Neither party has directly responded to the rumors, but both McGregor and his wife, Dee Devlin, have been posting plenty photos of their happy family.

So, seeing as Mayweather seems to have confirmed his retirement after his fight with McGregor, are we about to see the Dubliner go up against 50 Cent in the ring? We can only dream.