7 celebrities who are surprisingly tight with their cash

7 celebrities who are surprisingly tight with their cash

We all know someone who is ... how can I put this diplomatically? Someone who is careful with money. You know; tight people. It's frustratingly true that often, the same habits which make people rich in the first place are also the habits that force them to never spend so much as a dime of their well-earned dough. Even if they've made millions, there are plenty of people out there who still shop at target, have a bus pass instead of a car, and who wear second-hand clothes from charity shops.

Some people see it as humble, other people shake their heads and wonder what the point of being minted is if you can't splurge out. But this kind of penny-pinching isn't just limited to businessmen and accountants. No, as it happens there are plenty of Hollywood celebrities out there who are still über scrupulous when it comes to spending cash, and some of the well-known frugal celebs may surprise you. Scroll down to check out our collation of the thriftiest famous faces in the world.

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar shops at ordinary supermarkets 

2. Peter Dinklage lives in a normal house in upstate New York

3. For years, Jay Leno never spent any of the money he made on The Tonight Show

4. Kristen Bell is a habitual coupon-clipper

5. Carrie Underwood is also addicted to discounts and vouchers 

6.  Dave Grohl drives a family car and has a modest house 

7. Jay-Law drives a Volkswagen Eos

Pretty surprising huh? Who would have thought that these guys were such economists? But even more interesting than this are the celebrities who are in reality flat-out stony broke. Check out this article we penned all about the 11 celebrities out there who are actually having serious financial problems right now.