8 Of the biggest celebrity body transformations of all time

8 Of the biggest celebrity body transformations of all time

There's nothing cooler than a total body transformation; when somebody totally changes their appearance, just as easily as if they were renovating their house. We've covered plenty of stories about people who have decided to make a radical change in their appearance, and who (in most cases) ended up changing for the better. However, when it's celebrities who are doing the transforming, then it's even more impressive. After all, these people have some of the most recognisable faces in the world, and so if they change their physique, for any reason, then it's a big deal.

Of course, plenty of celebrities are actors, and thus they have to make themselves look radically different to suit a new role from time to time. But sometimes it's just a consequence of their fame increasing over time, so by the time they've reached their prime, they look almost unrecognisable from when they started out. If you want proof, then scroll down to check out a few of our favourite examples.

1. Calvin Harris

DJ Calvin Harris. Credit: Getty

2. James McAvoy 

Actor James McAvoy. Credit: Getty

3.  Josh Peck

Actor Josh Peck. Credit: Getty

4. Christian Bale 

Two side-by-side images of actor Christian Bale. Credit: Getty

5. Tom Hardy 

Actor Tom Hardy. Credit: Getty

6. Jonah Hill 

Actor Jonah Hill. Credit: Getty

7. Kevin Smith 

Director Kevin Smith. Credit: Getty

8. Chris Hemsworth 

Actor Chris Hemsworth. Credit: Getty

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