8 Of the most awkward moments from the Golden Globes

8 Of the most awkward moments from the Golden Globes

It's fair to say that Hollywood has managed to kick 2019 off with a bang with the 76th Golden Globe awards. In days gone by, stars and celebs used to look down on television actors and thought of appearing on the small screen as slumming it. But now that we're allegedly living in the golden age of TV drama, with the quality of writing, directing and production higher than ever before, awards shows like this have become more prestigious and are now attended by A, B and C listers alike.

Predictably, this kind of attendance can lead to some pretty awkward moments, and this year's show certainly didn't disappoint in that department. Let's be honest, the whole reason any of us watch these shows isn't so we can see strangers get shiny trophies to take home to their mansions. No; we tune in for the drama: the weird outfits, the shady feuds, the naff speeches and cringeworthy encounters. So if you didn't have time to catch the Golden Globes in full, allow us to take you on a tour of the eight most awkward moments to get you back up to speed. Scroll down to check them out:

1. Cody Fern's cloven shoes

A picture of Cody Fern's shoes. Credit: Getty

2. Idris Elba sitting next to Daniel Craig

3. Debra Messing interviewing Giuliana 

4. Willem Dafoe's reaction to the free flu shots

5. Rami Malek being snubbed by Nicole Kidman

6. Emma Stone's reaction to being accused of 'Whitewashing'

7. Someone misnaming Jameela Jamil as 'Kamila Al Jamil'

8. And finally, Chrissy Metz allegedly calling Alison Brie a "b*tch" 

Pretty toe-curling stuff huh? But another weird moment from the show that we'd like to talk about was when a number of social media users were surprised by Christian Bale's natural accent.